• manage albums/photos (= folders/files)
  • tag photos with IPTC keywords
  • use the internal jpeg thumbnail
  • comment photos (with jpeg comment) and albums (text file in folder)
  • lossless rotate jpeg image (and internal jpeg thumbnail)
  • use EXIF info (date, size ..)
  • search pictures (tags, comment, date...) (a flash demo)
  • can use External Tools without breaking data (exif, iptc)
  • use plugins (to export to html/gallery, act like a http server, export pictures to be mailed, upnp av/dlna...)
  • no database! (just a xml file which can be rebuild from scratch)
  • handle a lot of photos (for me: more than 20000)
  • export to a flickr account, to a picasaweb account
  • use a basket system to pick some photos
  • can be localized (now English, French and Italian version)
  • auto-rotation of pictures according to exif
  • ...


jBrout doesn't use a database to handle your pictures! It just uses a xml file to handle your tags! The albums/pictures are managed like folders/files!!! All the informations which could be used in jbrout's interface are stored in your pictures:

  • tags (as IPTC keywords, in the pictures)
  • dates (as EXIF tags, in the pictures)
  • comments (as JPEG comments, in the pictures)
  • album comments (as a text file in the folder of the pictures)
  • thumbnails ( as EXIF internal thumbnail, in the pictures)

Actually, jbrout uses an xml file, but this FILE can be rebuilt from scratch at any time, because all informations are in your file system, not in a database!!

jBrout RESPECTS your pictures! it does not change any capital information in your pictures! (file system/exif dates are not changed! internal thumbnails are respected! rotation is lossless...) (jbrout uses well-known tools (jhead, jpegtran/exiftran...))

jBrout doesn't clutter your disk by building thumbnails for each picture! It uses the internal exif thumbnails stored in your pictures!